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Our mission is to serve the community with care and compassion providing a safe and reliable wheelchair and ambulatory transportation experience. Our employees are empowered to use their gifts and talents to serve the community and clients in their daily work. Able Care is a Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) company that has served the community since 2001. We make are our services easy to use and work to accommodate your needs.

As a fully equipped NEMT company, we supply certified ADA wheelchair and ambulatory vans. We are certified through the Kentucky Department of Transportation and operate under certificate 4171. We are fully insured and require that all of our drivers complete Defensive Driving, Passenger Assistance Training, CPR, and First Aid Training. Our fleet is well maintained and inspected daily.

services overview

Medical appointments: We transport clients to any type of medical appointment and work to pick them up with very short wait times. We take clients right where they need to be without the client having to worry about where they need to go or how to get there. We pick them up the same way.

Dialysis: We transport clients to dialysis centers and help them get home after dialysis.

Cancer therapy: We take clients to cancer therapy treatments offering kindness and compassion making their experience comfortable and less stressful.

Adult day programs: We transport clients to adult day programs and pick them up when they are ready to return home.

Wound care: Our wound care clients gladly use us so they can arrive on time to their appointments with ease and comfort.

Labs: We make getting your labs done easy and will wait for your return trip.

Blood transfusions: We take your loved ones to get blood transfusions and will pick them up for return trip when ready.

Diagnostic testing: We understand that diagnostic testing can be stressful and we work towards making clients feel at ease and confident that they will get to their appointments on time.

Concierge : Salons, banks, restaurants transportation can transport clients to salons, banks, restaurants, casinos, movies, or any other recreation activity.


Give us a call to get a quote. We would love to hear how we can service your needs. Family and/or caregivers are welcome to ride at no additional cost.

what we offer

Team Spirit

We help each other because we know that together everyone achieves more.

New Technologies

We are innovative and always exploring how to make things efficient and easier.


We work to make our services easy.


We work on keeping our wait times short.

Excellent Customer Support

Our staff is trained to provide excellent customer service


We are transparent and strive to operate with integrity every day.

Our Team

Owner/President & CEO

Angela Hill is a Master’s prepared Registered Nurse with more than 20 years of experience in a variety of healthcare settings including critical care, mental health, home health, and case management. Angela has a passion for caring for people and desire to make a difference in the community. Being a nurse leader and seeing that access to healthcare is a barrier for many patients and a problem in the healthcare industry, she decided that providing an avenue that offers patients an opportunity to get to medical appointments would help to impact this problem. NEMT can improve patient’s access to healthcare, decrease healthcare costs, and improve patient outcomes. Angela has an entrepreneurial spirit and will continue to create innovative solutions to solve complex problems in the health industry.


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